Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving Break Entertainment and Reading

Hosting out of town family and friends, in need of an alternative to Black Friday shopping or ready for post-turkey entertainment?  Come to the library to check out Museum Passes for discounts, Boston guidebooks, entertaining reads that will bring our local history and cultures to life. You can browse our "Recommended Read" section for a selection from popular and our favorite books, try out a new game, or bring home a movie. Children can check out our games, puzzles, kits and assortment of DVDs that will bring hours of entertainment.

Share with your guests these books with a local flavor:

Duxbury Past and Present ,as well as many more historical books about our region.

Massachusetts Settings by Popular Massachusetts Authors
"The Boston Girl" by Anita Diamond
"Caleb's Crossing" by Geraldine Brooks
"Back Bay" or "Harvard" by William Martin
"Mystic River" by Dennis LeHane
"The Other Woman" and other suspense novels by Hank Phillipi Ryan

New England cooking
"The New England Kitchen"   by Jeremy Sewell

Have a favorite book set in Massachusetts or about Massachusetts culture?   Share it with us.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cover stories: Browse Your Favorite Today

"Fall Feast", "Best of Holiday Cookies", "Awesome Gift Guides", "2018 Sneak Peak" in decorating  -- these are the latest covers of some of the most popular magazines.  

One of my favorite things is browsing magazines in waiting areas. Engrossed in the latest celebrity gossip or "best of" shopping recommendations and so many different magazines to leaf through I often don't mind that an appointment is delayed. Whether waiting for an appointment, picking kids up, or just enjoying a quiet moment, it is nice when you have a stack of magazines to leaf through.

In the grocery line you are enticed by the covers of a variety of magazines. With new ideas, recipes, celebrity news, we often spend money on that spontaneous purchase, and how many of us receive too many subscriptions of magazines in the mail and have stacks that never get read? Going on a trip? We purchase magazines to browse on the plane or train and take up valuable carry-on space.

Save your money! The library has over 140 magazine subscriptions available in house and even more available digitally.    Take home previous months to enjoy, browse the newest edition in our Periodical Room while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.  Browse the OCLN Catalog for your favorite magazine and place it on hold to be picked up. Better yet, load up your tech devices with your favorite magazines and save space in your carry-on. You will never mind all that waiting at appointments or picking up the kids because there will be plenty to browse on your phone or Ereader device. Many people are finding the digital versions easier and more efficient to read with the added capability of zooming hard to read text or clicking "continued on page #" and automatically jumping to the continuation. Some digital versions have added features like videos or special links.

Questions? Our reference desk can assist you.
Finding and Checking out E-Magazines 

Click "RBDigital" logo on the right hand side of this blog (or visit Duxbury Free Library Website under Emagazines), find your magazine and click on the cover.  "CheckOut" your magazine and you can read it immediately or view it later via the RBDigital app or website.  There is a checkbox to receive an email when the next magazine is available.

Enjoy a "free subscription"  brought to you by Duxbury Free Library.  With the RBDigital app loaded on my iPad, Kindle, and phone I can browse through my favorite magazines anytime I have a moment to spare.

This is an example of an email I am sent from our digital magazine service after checking out my favorite magazine and selecting "Email me the next issue":  

What better gift to yourself. Clear out those stacks of unread magazines in your house (you can read older editions online if you'd like) and check out your favorites or browse some new ones.  

Duxbury Free Library has a great selection of magazines and newspapers representing many different hobbies and interests in our periodical room - some of which are not available digitally, e.g. People.   Come in, relax, and browse. We look forward to seeing you.

I'm off to enjoy all of the holiday recipe, shopping, and decorating ideas loaded on my IPAD.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

And the Winner Is....

Browsing Hoopla today for my next audiobook to listen to while I walk I saw the "marquee" 51st CMA  Awards 2017 Winners. Interest piqued, I clicked on it and received a wonderful surprise that showed the availability for download of many of the award winning artists and albums. With a simple click on the album (and a Duxbury Library Card) you can borrow and listen to these CMA award winning Country singers.

Limited to 8 "borrows" a month in Hoopla, I also looked to the availability of these albums in our "in library" cd collection.  

Kudos to our staff who orders new books, movies, and cds - I found the winners also in our "in library" collection. Come in and check them all out.

We are now open on Sundays from 1 - 5 pm.   Hope to see you on the other side of the circulation desk!


Sunday, November 5, 2017

In search of a good read.

One of the wonderful things about working behind the Duxbury Library Circulation desk is hearing patron's recommendations.  Never wanting to miss a good book, I place the recommended read on hold and often take home a lot of wonderful choices. Finding "too many books, too little time", I will try to take a block of time and read the first pages in each book to see if I "Don't want to put it down".  
My current stack to review. I visit to find recommendations or ratings to weed my list.

With no formula for why a book grabs my attention and one is never finished, I search out reviews and recommendations.  How much focused time I have to read in one sitting and how many books I've recently read in a particular genre often determine whether or not I stick with a book.  

One way to get through more books is to read one and listen to another. Recently, I found an audiobook on Hoopla from an author whose books are very popular, but I had not been previously been drawn to. Listening to the audiobook I found the characters and story more engaging, possibly due to the more focused time I had in the car or walking or the accent of the reader who brought the characters to life. Also, I have found some books take at least 50 pages before you have the character backgrounds and the author has engaged you in the story. Many of these books I was glad I stayed with because they are numbered among my favorite, e.g. "Gentleman in Moscow", by Amor Towles ,who said he wrote it that way intentionally.

As you can tell from my current stack - I'm also looking through a couple of nonfictions. My favorite recent find is the Pogue's Basics Series. That's the wonderful thing about libraries - we can check out as many books, videos, and music as we want, browse,  return them, and check them out again later.   

Looking for a "good read"? 

Visit Duxbury Library and check out our "Lucky Star" display, our "Goodreads Reader's Challenge" bookshelf or our new "Recommend Reads" area with many of your favorite picks.   

Don't have time to come in: "What should I take home next" has many favorites lists and ideas as well as the Library Catalog. For a limited time you can even explore our partner regions digital networks "Sails Library Network" and "Minuteman Library Network"  .

We hope it isn't long before you find your next "good read".

Hint - To avoid getting too many books at one time from your "books on hold list": "Suspend" your hold once you've placed it and "Release It" when you are close to ready to read it.  You keep you place in line in the hold list.